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Dear brains of Planet SS,

I have added 13 columns (some with dropdowns etc) to an existing Sheet and now want to add these new columns to another five sheets.

is there a quick way of doing this please?

I know rows can be copied to an existing sheet, but what about columns?  I was thinking that if i


I have a smartsheet that calculates necessary values along an X and Y axis.  Does smartsheet have the ability to plot points on a graph?  I looked into but didnt notice this function.

I can export the sheet to excel and plot just fine.  I am trying to prevent export and extra


Every once in a while, I get an idea and wonder why I did not think of it before.

When you see a post on the Community that asks for a feature, enhancement, or bug fix you want, click on that "Submit Product Enhancement Request" link to the right.

Capture the link for the post you are referencing


i'm new to lookups in SS and am struggling to see where to put the data tables so that they don't interfere with the main body of the SS.  I have 50 customers in a dropdown menu and i want to look up their corresponding; payment terms, account number etc



After 6 months of internal debate and resistance SS is finally taking hold, colleagues want to get involved and more process is heading the SS way...I feel like running round the park naked!!

Thanks Smartsheet