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Working at the BBC for the Design + Engineering division on the Production Management Applications North Team. Helping various teams pan-BBC to utilise Smartsheet for their product/project/resource management requirements.



Hoping you might be able to assist me with a similar issue I'm experiencing. I've attempted to import a Trello board into Smartsheet for one of my colleagues and I'm getting the same error message, when I view it in grid view on some of the rows.

The formula in question that is currently


I have 16 grids that all use a Contact List with 23 of the same client contacts.  (1) its a HUGE waste of time to have to populate 23 contacts into a list 16 times and (2) every time a new person joins or leaves the team, I have to go into each of the 16 grids and make the same change.  Is there a


I have a master sheet of data that feeds a number of sub sheets.  I need to share one of the sub sheets with someone that can't have access to the master sheet.  When I share the sub sheet with this individual, they cannot see the data on the sheet, and I think that is because they do not have



I am setting up a staffing leave Smartsheet for my team and unfortunately I am getting the #INVALID DATA TYPE error message.

There are 2 formulae set up within the sheet:

Leave Remaining (the dark grey row) is calculated as follows: =[Leave Allowance] - Taken + [Leave Bought] + Carried +