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I'm struggling with a formula that seems to be broken.

I created a timesheet that has a cell that looks at the Auto Date/Time stamp and calls up the weekday. The formula is as follows:


It works great...unless the timestamp is 5:00PM or later. Then it results in the next day.



I'm trying to configure Smartsheet so that when someone uses the @ mention in comments, the notification comes to Slack instead of email, but I can't find any documentation on how to fix that. I've configured Slack to talk to Smartsheet and Smartsheet to talk to Slack and enabled Slack at the


I think I might be losing my mind, but today I don't have a "scroller" at the bottom of my sheets that I can grab and move left and right. I can still move left and right with my arrow keys and when I do that, the scroller appears but then it disappears again after a few moments.

Please don't tell