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I am struggling with the new Automation Notifications as I found the previous arrangement much easier to set up for simple alerts and notifications.

I want to set up a daily notification that gives me only new comments that have been added to a sheet. At the moment I seem to have to get all the



I read in a previous post that grid lines cannot be removed from Gantt charts. 

I have just created a sheet and when viewing it in Gantt View, one row does not have any grid lines (see screenshot). Is this actually an option or just a glitch? I don't know what I did for this to happen but would


Hello all -

Needing help with a formula to calculate how many requests are submitted via a webform for each month. 

2 questions related to this:

1. Can a formula pull just the month from a System Generated cell: Created by (Date)?

2. Where are errors in this formula:

=COUNTIF({Date Submitted},


I am sure I have seen a Smartsheet trainer change the names of symbols but from what I can research, this remains a request unresolved for a number of users.

This should be a simple thing without needing to apply formulas etc.

Can anyone