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Hello Community,


Excel has this "Trace Dependents" function which enables to know if (and where) a cell is refered in another cell formula.


I can see that when a cell is further used in a smartsheet formula, the cell has tiny black/blue arrow.


But I struggle to know the cell dependance.




Hi community,

I have a smartsheetA and smartsheetB. They have the same column client and should contain the same drop-down values.


For each smartsheet I have to manually input those values in drop-down values possibilities. I risk to create a typo and then formulas don't work.


Is there a way I


Hello community,


I have a smartsheet with 5000+ rows.

I would like to find a way to automatically Go To line 2000 (and not scrolling down).

Is there some "GoTo" hyperlink I can create ?

How shall I do this ?




Hello community,

I have a sheet called Boundary.

ColumnA is called "Distance" and has integers .

ColumnB is called "distance_to_increment" and has either an integer or a blank field.


From another sheet called Summry, I would like to sum, all distances which have a blank field for column B.