Hi all! I looked in the forums and I didn't come upon any which matched this - but if you're aware of a similar thread, please link to it here!

We are looking to find a way to make a checkbox or dropdown option a single-use type thing. Basically - we track travel in a large sheet - and part of the


I can't find any discussions on this. 


I'm looking for conditional fomatting based on two of the three System columns: Attachments and Comments. These are not available today when trying to add conditional formating to a row.


For attachments, I would like the criteria based on:

  - Changed: If




Is there a way to lookup a date, determine if it falls between 2 dates (fiscal year quarters), and then return the corresponding value?



Date: 1/29/2016

Fiscal Year Q1: 1/1/2016 ~ 3/31/2016

Fiscal Year Q2: 4/1~June 31/2016



So, the formula would check to see if {date} (1/29) is