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Web Forms
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In my personal life I use Smartsheet to track everything from my home-brew schedule, recipes (ask me about my recipe sheet!), and to do lists.
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I am an East Coast native loving my work at Smartsheet in the sunny Pacific North West


At the risk of stealing Smartsheet's thunder, I would like to personally thank Travis Hannon for all the great answers, insightful comments, and general enthusiasm to help the Community (and me) with all problems great and small.


I'm sure he'll pop up occassionally as his new role as a Smartsheet


Downloading a single attachment from Smartsheet shows the correct file timestamp.

But, downloading multiple files shows the File Modified date of 7 hours in the FUTURE. Another time, it was 5 hours in the future. The attachments were PDF's.


This is on a Win7 environment. The data itself looks fine