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We use schedules to track publication output. Is there a way, when a form is completed or when a user adds to the schedule, an option can be selected to repeat the entry either daily, weekly, or monthly?




Any plans in the future for letting us update the dashboard background color to any color we'd like? I'd love to be able to use black for dashboard backgrounds, as well as the backgrounds of the widgets, so that when on TV sets around the office, graphs are floating in black instead of a white



I have a range of percentages and want to calculate the average. There are some #DIVIDEBYZERO cells within the range that will populate later on in the year. Is there a way to tell Smartsheet to ignore the #DIVEBYZERO? It is possible in Excel using an AverageIF formula. But I can't see how to


I have a report that shows the output of staff within a department. It shows all the publications and events they are working on. I am looking to build the report so that it does not show duplicates of the same type of output by the same person. 

For example,

Staff member A is running 10 roadshow


I have four columns, A, B, C, and D. If the entry in column A is "NO", the I want columns B, C, and D (within the same row) to be blacked out.


The only way I can see being able to do this is to put a rule in for each column.  Is it (would it) be possible to check multiple columns in the selection