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I am using update requests quite a lot, but they are not for recurrent type activities. I would like to think they would be recieved and acted on, so I don't set up reminders.


My problem is that recipients are working across many production jobs, and not reporting activity consistently, using the


I use Web Forms to add new rows to a Service and Repair Register. Easy!

I also wish to upload a default Job Card (Word file) with each new record, efficiently and with little chance of error. Not so easy!


Is it possible to add a default file to a Web Form?

My users could then select the correct


I would like to make two small suggestions. When you are using "days" it would be helpful if it specified whether they are business days or calendar days. For example, when you are using days in the duration field of a gant chart they are business days. When you are using them to set a reminder they