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How I Use Smartsheet
I actually have two accounts: one for work and one for personal. For work, I use it to manage projects, budgets, team vacation, and monthly reporting. For personal use, I have sheets for tax write offs, monthly budget, helping my step-dad keep up with his personal business expenditures and invoices, personal business contacts/customers, and just created a volunteer sheet for my daughter's gymnastics meet that is coming up.
About Me
Lifelong learning is my passion. I hold an Ed.D. in Teacher Leadership, an M.Ed. in Mathematics, and a B.S. in Business Administration. My professional experience includes professor, curriculum director, instructional designer, and math SME. The best part about my role in higher education has been helping students achieve their goals and better support their families.
I also taught mathematics at the middle school and high school levels. Students in that age group reminded me to always remember deodorant and that I am making a difference in their lives. It is amazing how many of those students remember the real life project I assigned and the “life happens” bag. Teaching is not the easiest job, but it is well worth it to see the light bulbs go on when students make connections between learning and the real world.
Each day, I find new rewards for working in education, given my passion for sharing best practices and strategies for improving teaching and learning. Working at McGraw-Hill brings about the best of both worlds with the ability to make an impact on entire programs at multiple universities/colleges.
In my free time I enjoy family activities (game night, daughter’s gymnastics meets, and sitting around the fire or the pool – depending on the weather), traveling (mountains or beach), reading (murder mysteries), entertaining friends and family, crafts (decorating my 14 Christmas trees), participating in various non-profit fundraisers (where I am able to decorate more Christmas trees), and baking and decorating birthday cakes.


I am really looking forward to any updates on the reports output.  currently the output into Excel is not very professional and needs to be tweeked each time.  Really looking for a mechanism to set up the output each time so that it eliminates the additional resource for this.