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What is the formula that will send me a reminder if a task due date is in the past and the progress ball is red?  I have my team track task progress with the RYG balls. If a task has a due date and it hasn't been completed by that due date (as stated by the red RYG ball) I would like to receive an


I would like to sort rows by Status column. Currently I have to click on the dropdown below the column heading , click on sort then click on the way I want to sort. In Excel I can sort by clicking on a column heading if I set it up that way.  Is there a way to sort automatically when the status


I want task due dates to auto populate based on one date that I enter as the event date. For example, I will set an event date and certain tasks will be due 2 weeks prior to event date. When I create individual event sheets, I want to enter that event date and then due dates will auto populate for


Looking at long column of dates is cognitively challenging, but everyone understands a range of numbers, negative to zero and then positive.


I originally used this scheme to simplify my conditional formatting setup but found that users really liked it so now I keep it visible.  It also makes