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Company Management
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Web Forms
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I currently use SmartSheet to manage customer onboarding projects, internal M&A projects, and other general task lists that need to be tracked.
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I have been with SoftwareONE since June 2004 and have primarily been in the Sales area of the company. I started a new team in the beginning of 2015 which has evolved into a global team now in 2016. We focus on supporting our sales team and customers to setup their Procurement, Contract, Asset, and Cloud Consumption process globally. I live in Wisconsin which of course means I love all WI sports and especially a huge Packers fan! I am also very passionate about SmartSheet as it saves me time which I can then spend with my family instead of working on huge spreadsheets. If anyone would like to just talk one PM to another please feel free to contact me at Tony


Hi All:

I would like integration of our Helpdesk system with a Smartsheet file (i.e. Team Task List by Priority template).


The Helpdesk system is our database of service tickets that my team will need to work on and resolve.


Having the capabilities of Smartsheet such as team sharing, update


I am working with a client (outside construction with internal and external resources) who wants to create and maintain a scheduling workspace/tool.  Presently, they assign work in teams against various initiatives and urgent work orders. The goal is to ensure all resources are fully utilized and


I have a lot of team members who struggle with new tools. The card view is VERY easy for my team to navigate and quickly shift items around.


The problem is that the link I provide for them to access the Smartsheet always defaults to the standard spreadsheet view. I get calls of confusion because