Dashboard widget "owners" on Dashboards launched from CC?

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We have a licensed admin account (CVIA Admin) which owns all sheets, reports, and dashboards launched from Control Center. This has helped us avoid a large number of issues when people leave. We recently had a user leave who was one of our CC administrators, and now all the report widgets are broken. They say that the user who owned the widget is no longer valid. Our fix thus far is to log in as the admin and go through each dashboard to take "ownership" of the widgets. It is time consuming and we are concerned it will come up again with new workspaces we are launching when people leave.

We are confused in terms of widget ownership, as the CVIA Admin owns everything in the workspace and the person who left had not changed the dashboards - others had. We also don't recall seeing this behavior previously, so maybe it is coming up with the new view settings in the new Dashboard experience.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any feedback from Smartsheet?

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  • Jennifer GreenoughJennifer Greenough ✭✭✭✭
  • MCorbinMCorbin Overachievers

    I just ran into this same issue (not necessarily Control Center, but a power user leaving) and spent some time with @Kyle Gostinger walking through widget issues that come up when a user leaves.

    Your post made me nervous. After my user left, I emailed my bosses and told them no matter what happens, DO NOT remove my login or our Smartsheet Admin login. Way too many things would break. Yikes.

    My CC is set up the same way - with my SmartsheetAdmin login as the primary Admin in CC.

    If I remember correctly (having JUST done a CC training on Friday), I thought the person who provisions the project becomes the owner of it. BUT, looking at my workspace, it appears everything is owned by my Admin user (even though I provisioned a few of them under my own login last week).

    I know that my power user who left provisioned a few projects, but I have no idea which ones - If I can figure it out which ones, I'll go back and check what happens when I open those dashboards.

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