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=DATE(YEAR([Invoiced Date]2), MONTH([Invoiced Date]2 + 30), 20)

Heath Sanders's picture

Wanting the formula to return 20th of the next month when a invoice date is entered.


01/01/17 returns 20/01/17 or 31/01/17 returns 20/03/17. I need January sales to return 20/02/17 etc


Where do i put the ERROR formula so...

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AND + NOT isblank

Joshua Rose's picture

Trying to produce a formula which says if X is blank and Y is not blank, then check.


=IF(AND([Eval Cost]1 = "", (NOT([Client]1=""), 1,0)



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Setting a conditional format when a date is e.g more than a week ago??

Chloe SP's picture

Hello all

I am fairly new to Smartsheet and am trying to create an 'orders overview & management spreadsheet' for our family business.

I want apply a conditional format to a particular date column so that if the date entered is more than 7 days ago...

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Preserving Task Rollup in a report?

Wayne Daigle's picture

I would like to create a report to be sent out on a recurring basis that is essentially a filtered version of a report, (i.e. only showing tasks that have not been completed and filtered for tasks for a two week period in the future.  I've been able to set the...

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Calendar - How Do I Add Times for start and end of meetings, etc.

Kel Kyle's picture

I'm new to SS and cannot yet figure out why the calendar doesn't allow me to display start and end times for meetings, etc. Is this possible? If so, where is this done? All I see is date related not time.


Thank you!!!

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Smartsheet Community Sort Filter Question

Scott Lynch's picture

I believe that the sort by "Recent" filter on the Community Home page only shows the most recent Discussions posted.


It is possible to implement a sort that filters by the most recent dated comments to any discussion.


You have...

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Heath Sanders's picture

Hi Team,


If(and( this MONTH/YEAR date matches the [Comms Due Date]2 MONTH/YEAR date then return 2% of [Current Month Sales]2 dollar value or nothing. (Text number cell) 


=IF(AND(DATE(YEAR([Comms Due Date]2...

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Sheila Hurtado's picture

Is it possible to link cells from a Smartsheet that is filled with a Web form, adding automatic linking to the new Smartsheet?



I have a Purchase Requisition that is filled with a web form but I want to link every purchase that is...

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Formulas Usability Study

Shaine Greenwood's picture

Hello Smartsheet Community!


We're conduction a usability study for formula enhancements in Smartsheet and we'd love your participation!


Head over to...

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Selecting the Next Task

Monikka Mann's picture

This is a bit of a weird question but I'm trying to figure out how to make SmartSheet inform me what my next milestone is for a project. 


Basically I have a series of projects (say 40 or so) that each have their own project schedules. In...

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