I'm really not sure if I'm going about this the right way, but I'm trying to create a 'Bill of Materials' within Smartsheet for a construction project. As per the two pics attached, I would like to get the value of a product that is mentioned multiple times in a particular column. 

For example,


Hello.  I am trying to count the RYG ball (in this case red) for each team.  One of our teams is comprised of three sub-teams, so I need for it to be counted if any of those show a red ball.  How do I create or for the Team section of this formula?

=COUNTIFS([Overall KPO Status]:[Overall KPO


Hi all,

Is anyone else struggling with slow response times from Smartsheet. I have around 40 sheets that i work on, and 1 tab open. Even simple tasks like moving the mouse and clicking on a cell or an option is taking around 30 seconds to complete the action. 

I have tried this in empty sheets and