Setup webform data to overwrite existing cells above?

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Is there a way to setup a webform that would collect numeric data for dropdown field parameter, and then have the output from the form automatically create or replace an existing numeric data in a cell above?


Said another way, I am trying to see...

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Cell Link from web form

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I am trying to link the cell to other sheet, once the data is filled up from the web form. The problem I am facing is, whenever the form is submitted & the data is posted on my sheet, it is being posted below the cell which is linked to...

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Formulas Lost with Data Connector

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I have used the data connector tool to export information from Smartsheet into Excel.  While the information comes over correctly, all of my formulas get wiped out when I refresh the data.  Is there a fix for this?


Any help is greatly...

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Simple email capability?

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is there any way to load an email address into a smartsheet cell and then send an email to that address simply by clicking on it?

Conditional Formatting Key or Legend

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We use conditional formatting for our master training calendar to show which training is for which audience. I have been asked to provide a "key" that shows what each of the colors represents on the calendar, but I haven't been able to find an easy way to do this....

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Web Forms

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Is there a way to change the font and colors of a web form? 

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How to run a project report without Sights?

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Sights seem to be prohibitively expensive for a small team or small enterprise. I am trying to do my best to get by without them, which is very frustrating because not having a dashboard is pretty bad I think I won't renew going forward since competitors...

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Folders in attachments

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I have a client who wants to use Smartsheet as a central repository for all data pertaining to a tech kit install. 

My Client requires folder hierarchy in attachments on a row. They require this to have better visibility of attached files on a row. Each...

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Self-populating formulas in rows

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Why don't the formulas instantly populate the next row? This is extremely frustrating. Sometimes, the self-population or smart population of formulas will occur in proceeding rows, and the other times, it won't. Is there some sort of trick or process to make sure...

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Integration With Survey Moneky?

Carlo Dimaandal's picture

Is there a way to export survey results from Survey Monkey directly to a SS sheet? 

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