Is there a way to include the update request on an email alert? 

We currently send our customers a notifications when they submit a request. What we would like to do is give the customer the ability to update the request without giving them access to the sheet. We also do not want to manually


How can a change this formula to use children in a hierarchy instead of the cell references so when I add a row into the hierarchy it returns the correct value without re-setting the range?


=SUMIF([CQA Status]41:[CQA Status]61, "Red", [No. Cols]41:[No.


Hello SS Community,

I am trying to create a summary of data from 2 different columns. The first column is "Industry Type" (there are 7 different types). The second column is the amount of ($'s) for that industry and client. EX: Client 1 - Industry type "Distribution", $5,000. Client 2 - Industry