Good afternoon. 

I am currently using Zapier to automate the creation of a project sheet once an initiative gets approved on a log. The current configuration is the following:

  1. New initiatives are captured into a sheet called "Initiatives Log" through the use of a form
  2. Approval of the initiative is


I'm having a difficult time making multiple 'If' statements work, cross sheets. I would like the sum of a column to be brought over to another sheet IF it meets the following criteria:

1. meets a corresponding category, and,

2. has a check box.

The first half works (below), without the check box



It would be smart to be able to add hide field in form with formulas.

Actually, forms add new lines, so in a smartsheet where you need formulas you have to add them after. Not very smooth.

Right now, to make my smartsheet a tool for users i have to ask them to insert line manually in