Unfortunately my work email address is on-premises Exchange Server so I cannot use the Outlook Plug-in (very disappointing as that would simplify my world tremendously). So far I have not seen an alternative such as a unique email address I can forward emails to auto-add to tasks in smartsheet (such


Hi, looking for some help please.

I want to count a financial figure when the status is not received.

Columns i am using are Start up budget and Received status.

Probably really easy for someone, but am struggling with formulas as quite new to Smart Sheets.

Any help greatly appreciated.




I am trying to use the Smartsheet API on nodejs (v8) on windows. When I add the smartsheet npm package, my solution no longer compiles. Easiest way to reproduce (though it reproduces without using create-react-app):

> npx create-react-app solutionname

> cd solutionname

> npm start

It works - your


Hi. I need a way to post project updates (such as weekly meeting key points) on my project tracking documents. This is to keep team members updated on the latest happenings of a project. 

The obvious solution is to simply create a dedicated row towards the top of a sheet and place the news in a


Hi all,

I am running into some trouble iterating on this formula which was a countifs with an "AND." I am now trying to add an "OR" to the first part. I want to see if the Range 1 contains "Zebra" or "Lion" and was entered in the last 90 days. After scanning these communities, I have tried this