Thought I would start my own thread regarding this since it seems very quiet around this change.

Am I the only one having no luck in using the suggested shortcut CTRL ] to indent?

I am using Windows 10, Chrome webbrowser and swedish keyboard ( ] = AltGr 9)

Ctrl AltGr 9 just types the symbol ].


I am trying to build a report that in the What? section has to contain a certain project number from the project number column but any then I want to be able to find 3 different resource from the project that are checked.  The big project is a Phase, then we have sections of the phase that contain


I am trying to set color buttons to the status of each row. Currently I am getting #UNPARSEABLE

My formula is:

=IF([Status]@row = "Complete", "Yellow", " ")IF(AND([Status]@row = "Pending", "Yellow", " ")IF(AND([Status]@row = "InProcess", "Yellow", " ")IF(AND([Status]@row = "In Progress", "Yellow", "


After seeing very nice dashboard presented in Best in Class Project Management video I tried to start developing something similar for our organization. However I'm struggling with creating customized buttons (like "Home", "Portfolio Dashboard", "Departments" etc) that you can see on the top of the