I have had a problem that has occured twice over the last week where I have been completing the SmartForm linked to our sheet, it closes down halfway through and loses everything that has been inputted.  

The browser settings are all correct and there don't appear to be any internet connectivity


I have created a set of reports (that selects this project) and an overview/summary sheet that has links into the underlying Project Sheet.  We use these set as a template to save an copy to a new workspace or folder for each project.

I am hoping there is a way to make the project/sheet links stay


I have a simple math equation in one of my cells, and in place of one of the numbers I would like to reference a count of cells with dates in them in a certain column.

My equation is: =100 - (((60 / 477) * 100))  (this returns a number in a percentage format) and I would like to replace the number