Consolidated Update Requests

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When we first had access to Smartsheet, we were able to view all of our update requests on one screen. Did that go away or am I just missing it. Is there any other way to consolidate that information?

Can't Add Filter

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I have multiple sheets created and only see the option to add a filter to one sheet.


Are there any restrictions to have filters? I have a basic acount, maybe this is it?


Do I need to create any specific content that woud enable...

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Duration column

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I seem to have deleted the duration column from my spreadsheet and can't work out how to get it back!  Can anyone help... thanks

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how can i incorporate workflow automation to Smartsheet?

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How can i incorporate workflow automation to Smartsheet

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Importing sheets the way it was before it has been backed-up

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HI. Our Company is just using T3 Smartsheet Plan, thus we have a limited number of sheets that can be used (150) and a limited storage capacity of 300GB. Our plan now is that after every project/engagement, we are going to back-up every sheet together with the...

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Link Globodox Document Management Software with Smartsheet

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Hi. We have a cloud based server where we are saving all our files documents and we'd like to consider linking this with Smartsheet. In this way, we could upload files from that server and at the same time, back-up our sheets therein. 



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Reporting - Hierarchy functionality

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How do you create indents in the Reporting function that was done in the Project Plan? At the moment, when I generate a report it lists a series of tasks but does not create the hierarchy that is done in the Project Plan

Plot SmartSheet events on Google Maps

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I am trying to find a way to plot SmartSheet events into Google Maps.  We have a column that records delivery addresses.  Can this be linked to Google Maps?  In addition, the map must sync with SmartSheet data and remain constantly up to date....

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changing text removes formatting???

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I have a highly fomatted sheet with lots of rows of different colors, font sizes and also a few conditional formattings elements. Somehow, when I change the text in the cell, all of the color formatting is removed, and I can't add it back...

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Collaborator not receiving all alert emails

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One of my teammates is signed up for two alert email notifications. He only receives one and not the other. We checked his junk mail to confirm it hasn't been going there and he has logged into smartsheet several times. I am stumped on how to solve this issue! He...

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