I currently have two workflows set up: 

(1) Payment approval request after an event: employees submit request with invoices attached as a file for approval

(2) Payment approval request before an event: employees submit a request for an approval, the request gets sent to a supervisor, and once the


We're pretty excited to start our Smartsheet journey; the functionality looks amazing!

I'm struggling to wrap my head around how to make different sheets related to each other.

Let me give you an example of what I want to achieve, and perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.



Hi Folks,

I have the following formula used to track specific assets:

=SUMIF({EventDate_req}, $DateNeeded$1, {Asset2_Range})

This adds up the count in  each row in the Asset2_Range that matches the date needed.


We created individual one column ranges for each asset (Asset1, Asset2, Asset3) etc.


I am creating a per week rollup that shows a sum of the children rows from another sheet. It looks to me like SUMIFS does not work if the range referenced contains a formula. Is this a bug, limitation, or do i have an error in my formula?

=SUMIFS({ManpowerPerTaskApp}, {ManpowerWorkingStart},


I am trying to find the min value of CHILDREN in a column of numbers where the value of the [% Complete] cell in the row of that column is not = 100%, but, again, only for the CHILDREN. 


=MIN(COLLECT(CHILDREN(), [% Complete]:[% Complete], @cell < 1))