Calculate % Comp but retain dependencies

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Hello. This seems simple, but it's stumping me. I have a project Gantt chart, and some of the child tasks are simple numerical completions of tasks. In other words, if I have 300 of a certain thing that need to be done, and if I have a user input that he or...

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Web Form not refreshing into worksheet

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I created a worksheet to track requirements.  I then created a Webform to gather this data from end users.  I ran a test entry.  I received email with URL to webform.  I entered the data and submitted.  I received a confirmation message and...

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Strategy category options?

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How do I add to the strategy category options or edit them?

Report Error

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I am trying to create a report that brings in multiple date types so that I can use the calendar view to see my marketing and PR activity. I created a marketing campaign tracker and PR campaign tracker. The marketing campaign tracker...

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i have added a new Notfication when a row is added i should get an email right away i tested a few times i added new row and saved it but i have not gotten any emails about the notfication 


anybody knows why ?

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Using time formula to create a master schedule

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I am trying to create a sheet with a formula that calculates total time worked in a day, from a start time to an end time.  I want to show who is working in specific units, from 8:30am to 7pm, at 30 minute increments for a 18 week period.  


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Feature Enhancement Tab or WorkGroups

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I tend to use sheets in groups, so I want a certain set of sheets loaded in a certain order.  The problem is depending on what I am doing I want different SETs of sheets loaded.  Currently, they have to be loaded individually.  I want to save a...

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Counting Based on Two Items

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I am making a sheet to track the number of proposals we send out and how many turn into projects.

I want to be able to count them by which Project Manager did it. So I have a PM field for the Project Managers initials. I was using fields for each PM's...

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Milestones in Report not printing to PDF correctly

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I have a report that shows milestones and tasks. When I print to PDF the milestones are not showing as milestones but as very thin tasks.  This is odd as the report shows a diamond black milestone but the problem occurs when I print to PDF. 


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Reminder emails

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Hello all - can anyone else explain how you set reminders for every action owner on a sheet at one time? We had previously been able to do this, but now it seems you have to set individual reminders for each person, per action - which takes ages and wastes time....

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