Smartsheet iCal - Publish By Filter

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I am playing with the iCal publish and have a couple of questions:


The Smartsheet Calendar allows me to add a filter for the items I want displayed. However, can I publish the filtered view to Outlook without changing the view for other people...

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Formula to calculate start date, from end date

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Hi SS community, 


I am trying to write a formula to provide a date, 45 days prior to the start date. 


Ie. = [Start Date]1 - 45days


Appreciate the help.

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Exporting Highlighted Rows to Excel

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Ok, so I am not the one who has experienced this so bear with me as I explain it second hand. Users here have claimed that they used to be able to select a chunk of rows in a sheet and go up to the sheet options and export it to Excel and it would export only the...

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Dependencies and Predecessors

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I am brand new to using Smartsheets and need help on creating multiple date dependencies.  I want to track a myriad of tasks over time, ultimately based on a final event date.  Each task has a different due date in realtionship to the final event date,...

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Folders for Workspaces

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From what I can tell, we can add folders to workspaces but we can't add workspaces to folders. If it's not already added to future development, I would like to see a way to add workspaces to folders so that I don't have to scroll through 20-30 workspaces to find...

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Filtering Alerts

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We use a sheet to keep track of documents in the review process. Is there a way to set a filtered alert so someone identified as a document reviewer gets notified when they have been added as a reviewer? Would also like to know ifthere is a way to filter an alert...

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Survey question on web form

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I am creating a client survey in smartsheet and one of my questions askes the client to "Check all that apply" so there would likely be multiple answers. I have a dropdown in the column with the options however I don't know how to set the format for them to select...

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Biotech or Pharma companies

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are there any Biotech or Pharma companies using Smartsheet that I can speak with regarding setting system up.  Our finance group set the system up to track POs & Invoices, however Clinical needs the system to incorporate timelines and milestones.

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BUG: Auto-fill behavior has changed

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This used to work, I've used it in my workflow, documented it and passed it on to the customer.

Now it doesn't.


I have a sheet, 22 columns wide.

At the top of the sheet are several rows (in this specific case 4)

The first column...

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Linking sheets using filters

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Newbie here, so forgive my mistakes. I have 2 teams with their own smartsheets in their own workspaces. We are trying to cross link the data. 1 team has its data in the format of each specific product has its own sheet and part of that sheet...

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