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Confluence Documents

Jeff Ballard's picture

Smartsheets has an API to work with JIRA, which is an Atlassian product.  Conflulence is Atlassian's collaboration tool.  Is there a way to link/attach Confluence documents too?


- Jeff

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How do I remove the Share property to a Sheet that I've saved as a back up?

Holly Creeks's picture

How can  remove all references to a sheet?  Here's a summary of what I've tried.


  • Sheet A is my Master on which I have many project tasks out to various resources.
  • I made a backup of Sheet A and called it Sheet B.
  • I...
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Limited acces to a sheet

Alfons de Haan's picture

dears,  we manage all our shipments of our customer in several datasheets.  For some milestones we need a third party update some cells in a report. 

we though do not want them to see all the data of which part is confidential.  Is that...

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Managing large number of filters

Russell Mercer's picture

I manage product releases and have multiple columns that I need to filter by (department and owner). I have a variety of entries in a given column, but I cannot find a way to click the dropdown at the top of the column and select one of the values within that...

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Streching Rows

Pablo Lleras's picture

Hi there everyone


Is there a way on streching rows for more space? I will like to add some space to some rows.


can someome give me some lite with this?



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Project with Multiple Dates and Hours

Edna Monterrosa's picture

I'm working on a project that I completed over two days and want to document my hours for both days. Sometimes we work on projects over several days in different weeks. How can I enter all this data. Right now I only have one column for Date and Hours. Am I able to...

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Gantt Chart sum of days for subtasks

Stefan Maton's picture

Hello everyone,


We're using gantt charts to planify our tasks. When creating task groups and sub-tasks, the number of days displayed in the task group does not reflect the actual number of days planned but the time span from the beginning of the...

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Automated RYG Balls

Kylie D'Costa's picture

Hi everyone!

I am trying to automate some RYG balls.

Basically, i want to create a formula that says, if the number typed in one cell is between 0 and 5 make the ball in another cell go green.

If the number is between 5-10, make the ball go yellow...

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Formula trouble with IF or IFS

William Lafferty's picture

I have a sheet being used as a project schedule in which I want to auto-indicate the project lifecycle stage in a cell on the sheet's meta-data line.  To do so, I envisioned using an IF AND statement or something similar.  Below is a mock up of the way it...

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=SUMIF across all children / grandchildren

Randall Smith's picture

Im not a power user but im looking to build out a bidding teplet for my shop.  I have a lot of info spread across many children / grandchildren catagories.  Heres what Im looking to accomplish.



- Animals...

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