Copy Rows Between Sheets Based on Checkbox

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I am trying to create a calendar or events based off a master list of events on another sheet.


The source sheet is a master list of all possible events. That sheet contains a column of check boxes. When a checkbox is checked I would like it to...

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How can I add rows from one sheet to another automatically?

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I am trying to create a PO / Invoice tracking system for my team. One sheet has all the blanket PO #'s and amounts and the other has all the invoices that are tied to each PO.


So if an invoice is added to the invoice sheet that has a matching PO...

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Date Added Field - Auto Fill

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Is there a way to create a field that auto fills with today's date every time a row is added to the sheet?


My end-goal is to use the Card-view to organize my tasks, and the auto-date to export this list and create a "burn down" chart in Excel,...

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Reports and Pagination

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  I've written a google script that mirrors a smartsheet - it checks hourly and syncs the google sheet to reflect the latest info in smartsheets.  It works great with sheets, and all of the rows populate correctly.  However, when I switch...

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Creating a sheet for duties ~ limiting the participation.

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We are in need of a large number of volunteers to assist at an event.  We want them to sign up for specific days/times.  Some of the positions need a specific number of people.  Can I close the option once that number is reached?  Thank you!...

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How to avoid tasks being split across days

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  1. Hi
  2. with a sheet that has dependencies enabled, is it possible to avoid having an activity (e.g. a training course, lasting say 3 hours) being scheduled across 2 days (or a weekend)?


Thank you!



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LOOKUP() Function

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Hi Team, In regards to the LOOKUP() function can the lookup_value be a cell reference instead of a "text" search?

Return a value based on a date

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Hi there everyone,

I have posted before but am still stuck.

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Create report based on parent row

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Thanks in advance for any advice. I appreciate your time and expertise.

I would like to create a reports that include all children of a parent row. For example, the parent row is "apples", the children rows are gala, granny smith, golden delicious and honey...

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Resource management

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Can we set working hours for perticular project to each resource associated? As each resource may works on multiple project daily, we want to assign working hours for each project i.e. if resource R1 is working 3 diffrent project parallely, so can we assign 3 hours...

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