I have a master sheet that has tasks for all types of projects and depending on the customer we sign, I will go through and delete the rows I no longer need. The issue is that my RYG (error: #BLOCKED) and Predecessors (error: #REF) error when I do this which means I then need to go back and correct

Hi all

We're working on a dashboard for senior stakeholders. At the moment we have a report that is an amalgamation of several sheets (listing risks & issues). We now want to limit that amalgamated report to only show top x rows, based on one of the columns (numerical value). 


So, instead of the


I have a formula that  says it is an incorrect argument. When I break up the two arguments they each work, but they are not working together. The error message is incorrect argument.

I don't know why they work alone, but will not work together.


Here is what it looks like when I added them