I'm working on a Sheet to help with our Kanban System.

As an employee takes a part from the Kanban Bin, we would them like to scan a QR code of the part taken via a form and the barcode reader on his smart phone, we have set up a test sheet using a lookup table of all parts (on a separate


I'm really struggling to get the syntax right on this.  I have a column called "% Complete" and a due date column called "Finish."  If the % Complete < 100 and the due date is today or already passed, I want to turn on a flag in the "At Risk" column.  Ideally I'd actually like to flag it if the due


I am needing to calculate total square footage, and if that total is less than 2, I need it to round up to 2. THEN multiply that # by a quantity cell

See that attached screenshot...

Upper 1 W x Upper 1 H (if total is less than 2, = 2) * 144 * QTY

Any ideas?