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I'd like a formula to calculate the below

SUM the leave days Request(Column Number of Days) against the employee(Name Column) if Approved(Manager Column) and Approved(EXCO Column). If either one of them are not approved then don't SUM the leave days.

This is what i have so far but cant seem to


Hey, I have set up a dashboard with a hyperlink to another Smartsheet item (a report). When I click on it the report opens in the same window, which is what I want it to do.

However, when another user clicks on the link it opens a whole new window. This happens regardless of whether the user is


Hi all,

I have currently set up cell linking, however I only want it to cell link once the drop down box has been changed to 'Converted'. As in, we receive a lead and add the data to that lead. Once that lead is 'won' or 'Converted' I change the drop box to show this. Once this is done then I want


Hello Is it possible to post a URL to your project plan in Google drive in your project folder?  I like to organize all of my project documentation or URL's to it in the same folder.  Otherwise I will create a Google doc containing the URL I guess?

I did see a Smartsheet Sync add on for Google drive