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Hello I am looking for advice on the best tool to extract data from Smartsheet to a third party graphing service and then embed the 3rd party graph in a smart sheets dashboard.

The two options I can think of are the 

!. Live Data Connector to Excel or Tableau

2. Power BI desktop


Is anyone familiar



I want to show on a dashboard the time it takes to get to each step.

For example, I have five columns - all are checkbox columns where each time one is checked it automatically alerts the appropriate person to move onto the next step (a new column). When all five columns are checked, the task



I just began using Dashboards and I have a question I´ve not able to answer. I have a project portfolio and several projects.  The project portfolio is a centralized Smartsheet and its related to all the individual project smartsheets.

I´m trying to build a Dashboard where you can select one of



Having many small tasks to last, with a repetition, polluting my grid smartsheet by the too many number of tasks.

I would like to know if it is possible to do:

  • A cell with a drop-down menu, where would be grouped, visible to disposition.
  • Hidden do of rows (not columns) chosen.*

Waiting for