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Hi, I'm Andrée!

I'm the founder and CEO of WORK BOLD. My passion is helping businesses optimize their operations by creating a better workflow, streamlining processes, and finding more efficient routines.

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In short, as a Workflow Consultant, I streamline businesses of all sizes and help them work smarter with digital tools, and make their operations more efficient by creating better workflows, improve processes and develop optimal procedures.
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I am trying to build a report that in the What? section has to contain a certain project number from the project number column but any then I want to be able to find 3 different resource from the project that are checked.  The big project is a Phase, then we have sections of the phase that contain


I am trying to set color buttons to the status of each row. Currently I am getting #UNPARSEABLE

My formula is:

=IF([Status]@row = "Complete", "Yellow", " ")IF(AND([Status]@row = "Pending", "Yellow", " ")IF(AND([Status]@row = "InProcess", "Yellow", " ")IF(AND([Status]@row = "In Progress", "Yellow", "


After seeing very nice dashboard presented in Best in Class Project Management video I tried to start developing something similar for our organization. However I'm struggling with creating customized buttons (like "Home", "Portfolio Dashboard", "Departments" etc) that you can see on the top of the



i was looking to create a new project using smartsheet to receive alerts from specific email addresses and to log the activities into smartsheet, those notifications will be received by specific users (their email addresses).

how i can start implementing that and is it doable or not?


Hi community, 

maybe one of you know a hint for this....

I need to add an attachment to some dynamic views. I don't want to attach the file to each line of the source sheet, as it is very big one, and it would mean attaching the file more than 500 times. However, the file that I need to be attached


Hi all,

Although I found a thread from 2015 which partly answered my question, I would like to put the it again for updated context and clarity.

I have many users in my smartsheet profile and use the contact column type in most of my sheets.

I do a lot of list exporting and often need to provide


I'd like to show a sheet in the dashboard in both:

1. Grid view

2. Calendar view

WHen I publish the link to put on the dashboard, it only one or the other. Please tell me there's a way to publish in multiple


I run multiple projects (1 sheet for each project). 

I have external collaborators on the projects.  I do not want that person working on one project is able to see other project sheet.

Is it possible or under home, all the sheets will be shown to all the external