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This may be a very specific problem but I appreciate any help! 


I am collecting a certain set of data from people and what I would like to do is provide an Excel template for folks and once they return the template, upload their data into Smartsheet. I know that any import creates a brand new


I have a report, linked to a sheet that I'm struggling with the report sorting. 

Within the sheet, I have rows numbered by a category type, and sorted within each category. The corresponding report is not reflecting the same sort at the sheet. I have re-loaded the sheet, refreshed, signed-off/on and



 I created a smart sheet that notifies the appropriate lead when someone is requesting access to a project. All the formulas, filters, and alerts are correct.  The issue I'm having is when a form is filled out a new row is created the formulas aren’t being placed in the appropriate cells so the


Hi, I have a problem with my smart, it does not allow me to send mail, it tells me to exceed the maximum amount of email that I can send from my account, to put me in touch, help me see if there is an option to delete emails or something not to increase the amount of


As a Project Manager I need to assign "Non Human" resources to tasks within my Smartsheet  project workflow.  Some of my project tasks involve using multiple computers for processing.  Depending on the size of the project, it can be anywhere from 15 to 100+ computers being allocated to that task for


Trying to sort, then by, then by.  Anybody find a work around, second and third sorts pushing tasks to the very bottom of first sort.  When the first sort has exhausted all available data I would like items that meet second sort criteria to start in, not be pushed to the very end first sort.


Hello everyone:)

I currently have a sheet populated via a web form. There are several people assigned to tasks.

My goal is to have an auto number column to populate a prefix & suffix, based off the person assigned & their corresponding ticket number. I don't know if this is even possible. 

Lets say