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In short, as a Workflow Consultant, I streamline businesses of all sizes and help them work smarter with digital tools, and make their operations more efficient by creating better workflows, improve processes and develop optimal procedures.
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Is it possible for one person to be able to back up and schedule future back ups for the whole of our organisation?

I have figured individuals can do this but i would like to put the responsibility into one department and under one person?

I would be grateful of any information regarding this.


This is my formula and it works only up to the line 2.  Starting with line 3, it will only work if the previous line(s) get reset to 0%.  I need the [Comments]1 to update as each [%Complete] status =1 with the next row Task and Assigned To.

=IF([% Complete]1 = 0, [Task Name]2 + ", " + [Assigned