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What drives me is helping companies and make their operations more efficient by creating better workflows, improve processes and develop optimal procedures. All aimed at getting your business to be more efficient, save money and improve quality. All suited to your specific needs!

My collected experience comes from more than 20 years working in areas such as technology, service, transportation and sales, etc. I have as far as I can remember always had a great interest in simplifying and improving the effiency when it comes to both physical and digital workflows. A truth the large quantity of clients receiving my help can attest to.

With a background mainly in sales, as a Key Account Manager at some of Sweden's largest IT companies, I learned to identify processes, bottlenecks and develop better workflows. I also got myself a more profound experience in areas such as service, business development and management while working in companies in the service , consumer electronics and transportation area.

Whatever the role the the task put me in, I have always tried to develop better workflows so I could dedicate more time to the most important - the clients.

My goal remains the same, I want to get to know you, your company and your employees so good that I can come up with solutions that give you a much better workflow. The purpose? I leave entirely up to you. A more efficient organization? To free working hours? Increase Margins? Or ensuring quality against your clients? The choice is yours!

Next step
By now, you have already started thinking about the various processes you might be able to improve. So then the next step is given - You contact me and we book up a first free consultation meeting. Where we discuss where you are right now and where you want to be in the future, and in what way I can contribute to helping you reach that goal.


Hi. I need a way to post project updates (such as weekly meeting key points) on my project tracking documents. This is to keep team members updated on the latest happenings of a project. 

The obvious solution is to simply create a dedicated row towards the top of a sheet and place the news in a


Please see screenshot. See how Child Advocates CASA is mousing over (but text is not expanding the size of the cell)? 

Now look across from Aloft Santa Clara and you will see long notes... I gave on 8/13/18 until... etc. 

These expanded the cell rather than hiding (as I prefer) until mouseover.