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How I Use Smartsheet
I use Smartsheet for anything that needs to tracked by multiple people, for anything where I need to gather data, to generate and auto-send reports, for project tracking, general lists, and a multitude of other things. I also create them for anyone in our Company who needs to track something. We have a love/hate relationships with it. It is very useful and widely used, however we use it so much that sometimes there are groans when an update request comes across someone's email :).


I have the following columns and need to return the value of something from a date through the end of the year. 

1. Est Mo Contract Count - A number

2. Ave admin - Dollar Amount

3. Estimated Value - 1 x 2 

4. Start Date - Start Date that 1 actually goes into effect

5. Weighted Value - Sum of 4


Thank you for taking a look at this.

I have one sheet where I am trying to show the count for a person on another sheet IF another column has a 1 in it. The 1 represents a checkbox in the ajoining column. For some I have tried looking for the specific name (where you see Courtney) and others had the


I submitted an email to support yesterday but have not heard back.

I'm having an issue where I uncheck attachments I do not want to upload to SS and it's ignored and uploaded anyway. I then go into SS and delete those attachments. 

For a lengthy email chain, there could be a lot of jpg's from