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I use Smartsheet for anything that needs to tracked by multiple people, for anything where I need to gather data, to generate and auto-send reports, for project tracking, general lists, and a multitude of other things. I also create them for anyone in our Company who needs to track something. We have a love/hate relationships with it. It is very useful and widely used, however we use it so much that sometimes there are groans when an update request comes across someone's email :).


I have a sheet that has a list of small projects. Each task has a group of subtasks to be completed, situated on the lines below (indented).

Each subtask is grouped together with the type of subtasks. Each line includes the subtask name, the owner, and status.

When that subtask is done, ithe next


Hi All!

I have 2 date columns, Processing Start Date & Processing Turnaround Time, then a column to show the NETWORKDAYS, (labeled Average Setup Time), of those two columns. Then I have a checkbox column (labeled New Setup)and another column to convert the checks into 1, 2, 3, etc.(labeled Setups).


Could someone please provide an example of a count during the past week?

Each row has a date listed, and several rows could have the same date. How do I enter a count of all of those dates during the last week? What if I need to add if it's only a specific status? Where do I set the formula within


I have some reports set up to be sent as attachment to people on a reoccurring basis. The distribution list occasionally changes. When this happens, it appears that I have to delete the schedule and start from scratch, however I am able to edit the schedule of when it is sent and frequency.

This can