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I use Smartsheet for anything that needs to tracked by multiple people, for anything where I need to gather data, to generate and auto-send reports, for project tracking, general lists, and a multitude of other things. I also create them for anyone in our Company who needs to track something. We have a love/hate relationships with it. It is very useful and widely used, however we use it so much that sometimes there are groans when an update request comes across someone's email :).


I submitted an email to support yesterday but have not heard back.

I'm having an issue where I uncheck attachments I do not want to upload to SS and it's ignored and uploaded anyway. I then go into SS and delete those attachments. 

For a lengthy email chain, there could be a lot of jpg's from


These tasks have a lot of data and have auto-numbering. I was hoping I could drop a card onto another to make it a sub-task or use a menu to make it a sub-task but not yet found anything.

There are so many cards involved that it would be time-consuming to rewrite each one as a sub-task.



I have a sheet that has a list of small projects. Each task has a group of subtasks to be completed, situated on the lines below (indented).

Each subtask is grouped together with the type of subtasks. Each line includes the subtask name, the owner, and status.

When that subtask is done, ithe next