Is this possible?  I went to try and create a metrics sheet from the report but it doesn't show up.  Building the report was supposed to group all of my similar items together, why can i not then build a metric sheet to create my Dash based upon that


For some reason I am having trouble getting this formula to function in SmartSheet (even though it works in Excel)...

I am wanting to populate a "Y" in 'Valid Approval?' column only when one of the following 2 situations occur:

1) 'Primary Approval' says "Approved" AND 'Secondary Approval' says


If I create a Group in Group Management, why can I not attach a Group to a Contact List.  My Groups are various Teams in our organization and within a sheet line item, I would like to select my Team (Group) as the owner.  I know I can have a Contact List and select multiple names, but I would prefer