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I am pulling data from multiple cells within a Project Sheet. The issue is that for each cell, the information is being presented differently. In some cells, the data is presented BELOW the Cell Title while in other cells, the data is presented NEXT TO the Cell Title. Is there a way to have the data


I am trying to capture the total number of active projects found in a specific Workspace. Each project is its own, separate, SmartSheet. The way I am able to do this now is by manually creating a Formula (COUNTIF({Proj Name Range 1}, "Yes"),in a separate SmartSheet, and then creating a Metric Widget


Anyone know how to make dashboard widget of a gantt chart only show today and forward?  It displays correctly in the Report Builder as there is an option in Settings > Timeline Display to check the box "Open to today's date".  Can't figure out why it won't do this in Dashboard widget.  You can