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Hi everyone,


We're putting together a stock sheet and we want to create notifications so that when a figure in a cell drops below a certain amount an email is automatically sent to the relevant people so they know to re-order.


Can anyone help please?




I am trying the set up a dashboard using a rollup sheet.  

I am trying to automate the start date so that it is always set to the 1st of the month or would it need to be manually changed every month?



Hi all,

I am running into an issue with using CountIF and AND. What I am trying to do is count the number of times certain text appears within a 90 day period (based on submission date which is a date column). 

=COUNTIF(AND({External Range 1}, "Zebra", (TODAY() - {External Range 5} < 90)))

I am


I am trying to work out the average number of days quotes are being taken to be submitted.


The columns i am working with are Enquiry Date and Date Quote Submitted.


I have done a Sum formula to count the number of days taken (=SUM[Date Quote Submitted]1 - Enquiry Date]1


but because not every


I have a sheet with a lot of data on it and I am wanting to get a count of the number of jobs that have been completed after a certain date.  I have managed to create the formula below which allows me to get a count of the full sheet

=COUNTIFS({QinetiQ Actual Completion Date}, >=$[Start Date]$3,


I wonder if anyone would be able to help me.


I am trying to collate some data that allows me to give a count of a number of jobs that have missed a target date.  The sheet I am working on also has 2 different cost centres and I would like to break this data down so that I can see the data for each