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If you need help with Smartsheet, contact me via craig.williams@smarterbusinessprocesses.com or contact Richard Rymill at Smarter Business Processes

If you need help with something else, contact me via craig.williams@ronin-global.com

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I understand that Smartsheet is not automation tool, but would like to make team's work easier without having to enter lots of information manually. 

Situation is that that we have two files: pipeline and quote. Once the quote is completed, there is a series of Values, about 40, which need to be


I created a sheet to put my data in and created a bunch of charts tied to it.  For example, each row represents that week's data.

BUT . . . as I add new rows of data for new weeks, I'm finding I have to re-establish the data field for the charts and when I do, I lose all of the formatting for the