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Daily tasks, any around the house or longer than a few days projects, project management, resource management.
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The password is "thankyou"

Also I have posted tips and tricks for Smartsheet here:


Ugh my formula's wrong and it's spread out over 100 files.  It was bad enough going back and entering the formula across all sheets the first time now I'm going to have to redo it.  Is there any user define function available that might make this easier to update?  I can understand that UDFs might


Here is a demonstration of a feature I created using SmartSheet's API.

Let's say you want to print all or some content of a row. Or perhaps you want a nicely formatted and easy to read view of the row. The specific use case addressed here is to print a copy of a school library order for new


The new look/functionality of the sheet is much less friendly. Takes a lot more clicks to get through and I now always have to close the left pane to see my sheet properly. Also, the left pane list keeps changing so I have to hunt for my sheet each time. When you had the tabs at the top I knew where