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Project Management
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Web Forms
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Daily tasks, any around the house or longer than a few days projects, project management, resource management.
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Simulation engineer / engineering, project, and program manager
Passionate about continuous improvement and knowledge sharing

If you need help with Smartsheet, contact me via craig.williams@smarterbusinessprocesses.com or contact Richard Rymill at Smarter Business Processes

If you need help with something else, contact me via craig.williams@ronin-global.com

Also I post tips and tricks for Smartsheet here:


As the owner of a Smartsheet spreadsheet, I have set my regional preference to English (United Kingdom) so the date is dd/mm/yy

I have Admin that update a date field where the column property is set to 'Date' and restricted to 'date only'.  This column is locked to Admin.

We have a number of Editors