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I have the following formula in a cell

=([Actual Case Rate Achieved]57 / [Expected Hourly Case Rate]57 * 1)

This data in the cells "Actual Case Rate Achieved" & "Expected Hourly Case Rate" are not always filled in at the same time, so when information is missing I am gettignthe error "#invalidvalue"


I have developed a web form for a sheet I am using to collect production data from our production lines.

I am then using a smartsheet sights to display production data on a dashboard I have published.

I may be wrong, but I think the sheet that the data is being sent to needs to be manually refreshed


Hi folks,

I would like to create a formula that can identify the item selceted in a drop down column and then automatically add a value based on the item selected in the drop down to the next cell.

Example if the item i selected from the dropdown list in column a was "deduct 10 points" I would like