First.....Im so happy the Multi-select feature is now available - so thank you.

This leads me needing some assistance.  I have played around with a LOT Of different formulas trying o find a way to capture this information.

I am needing help with trying to find a formula  to do a count of selected


Thought I would start my own thread regarding this since it seems very quiet around this change.

Am I the only one having no luck in using the suggested shortcut CTRL ] to indent?

I am using Windows 10, Chrome webbrowser and swedish keyboard ( ] = AltGr 9)

Ctrl AltGr 9 just types the symbol ].


Has anyone used the new DESCENDANTS function?


I have read the verbiage that SS has provided and played with it in the Formula Examples template from the solution center.


It is definitely working very differently than I expected it to.


Does anyone have some insight as to how this is supposed to