Has anyone used the new DESCENDANTS function?


I have read the verbiage that SS has provided and played with it in the Formula Examples template from the solution center.


It is definitely working very differently than I expected it to.


Does anyone have some insight as to how this is supposed to


I've noticed that some of the dates entered, if too far in the future will revert to last century.

i.e. January 5th, 2050 will work correctly if entered as 01/05/2050 but will think it's January 5th, 1950 if you enter 01/05/50

Also, once you enter the date as 01/05/2050 and it is shortened to



I have been scanning the community and have found some bits for what I am trying to do but am struggling to put it altogether and was wondering if anyone could help?

I have a list of tasks with headers (parents) which then have sub tasks (children) and some of them also have sub tasks