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After 20+ years of working inside law firms and corporate legal departments, I currently work as a Project Manager for Traveling Coaches, the legal industry's most experienced and preferred partner for gaining user adoption of firm changes, particularly around technology, training and security program implementations. Now working from the vendor side, I am privileged to partner with the legal community in new and important ways to analyze problems and execute creative solutions.


Hello there!  I'm a relatively new Smartsheet user and I've got an issue with a formula that I could really use your help with.  Here's the formula:

IF(AND(OR([Initial Draft Due or Task Start]12 < TODAY(), [Requested Edits Due]12 < TODAY(), [Revisions Due]12 < TODAY(), [Final Approval Due]12 <


Loving Smartsheet so far, and excited about finally having a truly custom system together for tracking project status for our clients, based on our unique parameters and not something superimposed! 


I've created a template that is working well, but would love to see reminder notifications