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To visualize current network status in our construction materials business.
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Hi SS guru's!

I'm looking to create a dashboard that essentially visualises a list in priority order, based on the time we receieve a form response.


So far I have a sheet where responses are logged, and we use system generated modified (date) to log the date and time we recieved the confirmation.


Hi SS users!

I've recently started using the Approval/deny workflow and loving it.

However, I have a couple of questions/issues:

1 - Is there a way to turn of email notifications to the approver, but still get the request to them? Our approvers are using the SS app, going into notifications and


Hi Team,


Quick question - we have 3 licensed users. One of them will be leaving our business shortly, so I want to replace that user and give the license to another user.

I have worked out how to transfer sheets from the user leaving, but can't see how to move his license to another user.