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Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong in this formula?

=COUNTIFS({HITRUST CAP Milestone Plan v2 - EIS & Sec Range 3}"remediated") AND({HITRUST CAP Milestone Plan v2 - EIS & Sec Range 4}<=(2018,6,30),>=(2018,4,1))


I am trying to count if Range 3 (Status) is remediated and Range 4 (date


I am trying to use the following IF statements for my health column.   I get up to IF([Move Complete]@row = "Termed? ", "Red", and if I add any IF statements after that it doesn't work.   Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong in this formula?  


=IF([Move Complete]@row = "Yes", "Blue", IF([Move


I am having a hard time putting together the formula for my Health Column- RYGB Ball.   I need the formula to be the following.  Any chance some one could help put this formula together for me?  Thanks

  1. If Status is Not Started then Health is Blank
  2. If Status is In Process and is equal to or past the


I need help doing a countif with checkboxes.  I have a formula

I need to countif in column Project if it has a value of Yes and column Parent Task is check.   I also need it to countif column Project also has a value of partial.  This formula worked until I tried to add the Parent Task column