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Would it be possible to add an option for notification of change alerts to be limited to the SmartSheet notifications menu and not be sent email?  I am finding that with some project teams, the email alerts for updates, that are not actually assignments being made or changed are 'noisy' to team


In Chrome, the scroll bar works when you manually drag it but does not work while using the mouse. The manual dragging is a reasonable workaround but would be nice to be able to use the scroll around on the sheet without the scroll bar. 

This scrolling is not an issue in Firefox or


I have a sheet that totals the row values when a row is added from a form.  It worked well until the cell containing the formula was linked using vlookup to a separate sheet that is the source of a dashboard.  Now it will not calculate and the sheet that references the cell will not be displayed in


We have a request for team members to be able to hover over the discussion/comment icon for a given row in order to view the latest comments.  Even if it is the first line or two, that would help them have context.  Currently viewing the activity log or selecting the export, the users need to find