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I have a simple math equation in one of my cells, and in place of one of the numbers I would like to reference a count of cells with dates in them in a certain column.

My equation is: =100 - (((60 / 477) * 100))  (this returns a number in a percentage format) and I would like to replace the number


We have notifications set up for when our name is mentioned in a specific column. However, even after we've addressed that line item, we continually get notifications for it. Is there a way to program it so that we get notifications for as long as the line item is live, but no longer after it's


I am trying to create a formula that assigns "Yes" to a cell if a result is within range and "No" if it is not.  This formula worked for only one of the columns in the range:

=IF([High Control Result]1 > [High Control Range Minimum]1, "Yes", "No")

I tried to use AND without success:

These formulas