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Hello community! Anyone have a work-around for this? Here's the situation:

I’ve created a vlookup formula in my sheet to obtain an email address from another sheet, and then want to alert someone using the email address result from the formula. When I go to build the condition in the alert (for


Is is possible to write a formula based on information in one sheet to put the result in a cell of another sheet?

I want to sum items if they meet certain criteria in one sheet but the result going in a cell in another sheet.




I locked a column (im the admin). But somehow another user that has admin permissions as well was able to change a cell within the locked column. It erased the formula. 

Am I missing something? How do I make it to where I'm the only one that can change the cells in that locked column. 

Thanks in


I have contract information entered into my sheet via Web Form. The users are allowed to enter multiple products in at once but asked to keep information pertaining to them in the same sequential order throughout the form entry. I am looking to see if it’s possible to take multiple text dates



I have a form to submit new request items. I've added a "Created By" system column to cupture the user submitting the request. After a user submits a request, this column contains the user email address.

I've published a "Read Only-Full" Card view for the users where they can see all the