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Hey, I have set up a dashboard with a hyperlink to another Smartsheet item (a report). When I click on it the report opens in the same window, which is what I want it to do.

However, when another user clicks on the link it opens a whole new window. This happens regardless of whether the user is


Hi Smart Sheet Community!


I am applying a formula to a cell in our project schedule sheets that I found in a couple posts to grab the MAX value of the Modified (Date) column:


=MAX(Modified:Modified) + ""


My colleagues and I will be linking the cell with this formula from our project schedule


Hello - it is possible to add new columns to a report?   Ie - add new blank columns?   Looking at a strategy for planing where reports issue up to date information, and each team adds on their own relevant columns of information, driven from a Master planning document.   Any experience with this, or



I am having an issue with Pie charts changing colors when data in the underlying sheets is altered.

For example. If I have a pie chart with categories for task status: Not Started, In Progress, and Completed. Lets say I designate those colors Red, Yellow, and Green in the Pie Chart.

If the