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I have a Master Project sheet and multiple individual project sheets.  I need to gather one piece of data from the individual project sheets to write into the row on the Master Sheet.

While VLOOKUP will work, the wizard requires me to know the sheet that I want to search.  I need to reference all


Hi there,

Okay, so here's what I'm trying to do. Our team is using a smartsheet schedule and within that schedule, is a bunch of sub-schedules, that all work together in glorious harmony :)

Up until now, I've been able to use the Predecessors column with ease, for e.g. 1FS + 5d, meaning that the


Is there anyway to modify the body of the email.  I would like to like dates in smartsheet to a "date" in the body of the email.


Your company is now "live".  Follow up will occur on 10/31/18  <----  this is the date I would like to have updated when the email is sent

Patrick Bridges


Are there Smartsheet functions for enumerating the predecessors of a row?

I've been prototyping SmartSheets for managing a pretty sizeable research project (multiple FTEs over several years), potentially replacing Asana for group project management. The reporting is nice, as is the combination of


Hi all,

Just wondering, is it possible to automatically attach documents when a row has been inserted? Once a row is inserted by a form it will then send out an update request, and will always need the same two attachments added to it. So instead of the submitter attaching them every time, it would