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Hi. I need a way to post project updates (such as weekly meeting key points) on my project tracking documents. This is to keep team members updated on the latest happenings of a project. 

The obvious solution is to simply create a dedicated row towards the top of a sheet and place the news in a


I have submitted this before, not posted to the Community. Still a pain point.

I'd like you to revisit the functionality around Attachments and Discussions at the Sheet level and Workspace level.

Back in the Good Ol' Days (pre UX update 2018-02-13), we could see that there were Attachments or



was hoping to get some help on an issue i am having .. we have an inventory control sheet .. we would like to use a web form(s) to not only take out something of the inventory but to also add something to the inventory.  I added a Category column and that is reflected in a dropdown list that



I’m part of an in-house legal department. The company has different departments and different types of contracts/advice they require us to produce.

To track the work, I have created one sheet for the legal team to use, covering all main "legal work" categories and then broken down to sub