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I have a sheet that I have included the current inspection date. I need to calculate two expiration dates. One column @ 90 days post the inspection date and one column @ 365 days post the inspection date. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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For our smartsheet we keep track of vehicles that are or are not repaired. To keep track of how many "open claims" we have I am trying to count how many blank cells we have in the column that signifies if something is complete, but when I try to just count those cells it counts the automatic


I just started using Smartsheet and I was wondering if someone could help me. I want to basically calculate the % complete, as the dependency setting does for you automatically.  

However since I entered a formula in my % complete column (if status is "done" then automatically give 100%, if status


I'm trying to create a chart that counts the number of entries in a particular column.  eg a column which lists employee names.  How do i produce a chart which tells me how many rows that name appears in?

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