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It would be smart to be able to add hide field in form with formulas.

Actually, forms add new lines, so in a smartsheet where you need formulas you have to add them after. Not very smooth.

Right now, to make my smartsheet a tool for users i have to ask them to insert line manually in



I have a column where I indicate the budgeted hours available for a task.  Within the Duration cells, I would like to enter a formula that takes the budgeted hours, divides them by an efficiency factor and yields the resulting duration available for the task, however, I'm unable to enter any



I have these columns on a sheet:

Expected Return Date (date)

Actual Return Date (date)

Media Manager (contact)

How do I send an email to the Media Manager if the Expected Return Date has passed? 

"If today is greater than Expected Return Date and Actual Return Date is blank, send notification