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I am trying to use the contains formula within a SUMIF (see below).  This does not seem to work and I can not figure out why.  It seems as though all the examples that are provided, CONTAIN is only used within IF formulas.  Is this the case?


My formula:

=SUMIFS({Employee Tasks Range 1}, {Employee


Good Day All:

I am trying to add to my formula so that if the Due Date (Actual) is Blank/Empty, the RYG is Blank/Empty. My existing formula:

=IF([Due Date (Actual)]3 > [Due Date (Planned)]3, "Red", IF([Due Date (Actual)]3 < [Due Date (Planned)]3, "Green", IF([Due Date (Actual)]3 = [Due Date



I have a set of a set of data that I am trying to do a SUMIF formula on and am having difficulty finding the correct formula, Essentially I have 3 columns. 

Project Quarter


Sample Size

I am trying to sumif the Sample Size column range if the criterian is met for a specific project


Hi all, 

I'm fairly new to smartsheet (with no Excel experience either). Here's my situation. 

I'm tracking POs-- first, you enter in a PO amount, and in subsequent columns what you invoice per-month. There's a final "Totals" column that sums up your monthly invoices. 

Currently, I have a hidden