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Right now I have about two dozen sheets shared to me. That number is about to significantly increase... because the people that are sharing the sheets with me work on different projects, is there a way to "view" or "group" my shared sheets other than by clicking on the Location or Owner header to


Why is the primary column text only? I would like to make this a drop down. When i move the primary column to the last column it then gives me difficulties with sub tasks. Any suggestion on how to use a droup down in the first column and also have


I'm trying to calculate networkdays from system generated date created. I used the dateonly to pull the date out of the system date created but it seems to be rounding up at some designated time of the day which causes all concurrent formulas to be


This did not seem to be covered and I'm hoping to find a formula without adding extra columns to my sheet.


Curently I have a secondary column separately maintained which lists months and I Sumif by this secondary "month" column.  I would like to Sumif based on date ranges.  Not simply from today()


Looking for better practices than what I am currently doing.



On Tuesday, I expect to get something from the vendor. Usually that means end of day for planning purposes. I put that in the schedule as either a milestone (0 duration) or a full day task.

On Wednesday, Admin Albert needs to