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There is a great, simple comment thread feature in Google Docs and Google Sheets that I am finding very useful working with teams.  You can also do notification with a plus sign and someone's email address ([email protected]) as well as task assignment to one of the people whose email address you have




I was wondering if there is a way to easily log time spent on a task and add, optimally, to add comments when finished.


Here is what I envision:


There is a little clock or stopwatch icon for every task row.  I click the icon and a timer starts for that task, maybe turning green to indicate


Love Card View!  I can definitely see using it.  My issue is that I do almost all of my viewing in Reports as opposed to Sheets because I work across many sheets for my work, consildated into Report views.  I know there might be complications to implementing this, for example when a sheet included


What I would like to be able to do is toggle on/off search parameters in the Report Builder for a given report.


I have a report which I use daily.  There is a search parameter I which I want to be able to activate and de-active to get a certain view of the report.  For example, I embed a


I use one report sheet as My Daily Task Tracker and when I finish a project I select Done to show completition.  However my list is full of completed projects now with lines through the content.  I still would like to access this later but on a daily basis all I need to see is the Incomplete Tasks.