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Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Assurance Consultant.

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Retail, Mines, Civil Construction, Civil Maintenance, Directional Drilling, Farming, Wine Making, Shipping Ports, Engineering, Mechanical Workshops, Welding, Fitter and Turner Workshops


I have a register which generated various reports by location.

I want all staff to be able to just view it without the need to have to register and log in.

How would I achieve this?

The reports are generated and ready to go. Will I have to do the tedious process of exporting them to pdf then placing



I have a table which records driving infringements.

What I want to be able to do is have a function determine if a driver has had more than one infringement in the last 12 months.


Then use the Actions and Alerts to notify their manager. But need the function to work first before I can do that.


I am familiar with =COUNTIFS({Start Date}, >=DATE(2018, 10, 1), {End Date}, <=DATE(2018, 10, 31), {Classification}, ="Lost Time Injury")

Wondering if there is an easier way to get this?

This is pretty tedious when you're just looking for what happened in a particular month of the year.