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  • summing up data for multiple people with text data?? and no Sheet Summary function
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hello, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me, I'm a Government user so I don't have access to all the functions that a regular user of Smartsheets would have, like Sheet Summary. So i may not be able to do what I am wanting to do, or…
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    Answered - Pending Review 11 views 3 comments Most recent by Genevieve P. Formulas and Functions
  • Grant Management in Smartsheets
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello Community, I am setting up a company's grants management system from scratch. I would like to know how others in the Smartsheet grant community have utilized the software to manage grant finances (budget drawdown, etc.) I don't see m…
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    Answered - Pending Review 90 views 6 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå Using Smartsheet
  • Need report to prompt for string search
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi, I am creating a sheet tracking City's address modifications. There should be a report where users can see if there already were rows with similar address. Hope there is a way to enter a search string for report to show rows whose addr…
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    15 views 2 comments Most recent by Patrick Bonahoom Using Smartsheet
  • Automatically Track Inventory Usage
    In Formulas and Functions
    I'm new to smartsheets and am not an excel expert, but I've been building some sheets and workflows and have a question about more advanced capabilities of the program.  I'm hoping there's a way to automatically track inventory usage base…
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    498 views 7 comments Most recent by Alexander Coales Formulas and Functions
  • Card View for Reports
    In Using Smartsheet
    All,  Has there been any progress with adding card view to reports?  Has this been an approved feature and scheduled for a release? Our company has been pushing a move to JIRA because of the gap with smartsheet in allowing our teams to vi…
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    2.9K views 31 comments Most recent by Jennifer Sloane Using Smartsheet
  • COUNTIFS between dates & criteria.
    In Formulas and Functions
    Greetings Smartsheet Community,     I am attempting to cross reference another sheet and Count all the Completed tasks within a certain time frame.    So far I am successful counting the dates in the range using the following formula: …
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  • When will Dynamic Views be available in the government version?
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    I really appreciate the granularity and administrative simplicity of dynamic views. When will they be available in the Government version?
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    Answered - Pending Review 14 views 1 comment Most recent by Genevieve P. Using Smartsheet
  • Hide comments in a published report?
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi there, Is it possible to hide comments in a published report? I see this is an option when publishing a sheet as "Read only - HTML", but this option does not appear to be available when publishing a report. There are comments …
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    Answered - Pending Review 389 views 4 comments Most recent by John Knipper Using Smartsheet
  • QR Coding Tied to Forms
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello, I'm looking to develop a process for maintaining our mechanical equipment. Ideally a Technician could scan a QR code that would link them to a list of form links. (Each piece of equipment requires 3-5 types of maintenance, requirin…
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    Answered - Pending Review 24 views 1 comment Most recent by Andrée Starå Using Smartsheet