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    In January 2024 Smartsheet became the first Enterprise Work Management company to reach $1B in annualized recurring revenue. This commemorative badge recognizes each of our Community members and the impact each of you have had on the success of Smartsheet.

    From modest beginnings, Smartsheet has pioneered the enterprise work management category – now working with more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies. But what matters most isn’t what we’ve built for ourselves, it’s what all of you have built with us and what we will continue to build together.

    Thank you for empowering our mission every step of the way.

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    LeslieW earned the Seventh Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for being a Smartsheet Community member for 7 years.
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    LeslieW, Josée Rodrigue, Paula Shaver, VeroniquePerks, Rowena and 2 others were promoted to Contributor.
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