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  • New Slack Integration: Send notifications to a Slack channel
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    You can now notify a Slack channel on sheet changes! Configure this from Alerts & Actions in the menu bar. More information on the Slack integration: * Apps & Integrations Page * Help Article
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  • New Chart Types for Dashboards
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    We’ve added 8 new chart types for a total of 14. The new charts are as follows: * Smooth Line * Stepped Line * Smooth Line Area * Stepped Line Area * Straight Line Area * Donut * Half Donut * Half Pie * Stacked Bar * Stacked Column You c…
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  • Reminders sending more rows than expected
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    We're currently investigating an issue with automated reminders sending more than the expected rows. We hope to have this resolved for you soon and appreciate your patience. We'll update this page when more information is available. *4/9 …
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  • New Interface & Charts Improvements
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    To free up space for upcoming features, and make navigation easier, we’ve moved the toolbar from the left to a “ribbon” toolbar at the top and moved the bottom tabs to a right panel and menu bar (above the toolbar). Check out this blog …
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