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  • Can a person not shared to a sheet participate in proofing activities?
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    The help info is not super helpful in answering this specific question. Can I send a proof to someone not shared to a sheet? Do they need to have the sheet shared with them in order to interact with proofing?
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  • Proofing Download Not Working
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    Hello, I have a sheet with Proofing enabled. When a proof is sent to a reviewer with the allow download option enabled, the reviewer is unable to download the proof. When download is attempted, a new page opens up with an error message tha…
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  • How to undo a proof and place it back in the attachments tab
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    Hi Community members, I have converted the wrong attachment to a proof and am trying to understand how I can undo this action. I simply want to capture the date/time of when this attachment was uploaded. However, this is no longer visibl…
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  • Proof comments @mention not working consistently
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    Just started using proofs to gain stakeholder approval. Some of the approvers are shared to our sheet, many are not. In the comments on the proof, I am unable to @mention all of the invited reviewers. I am only able to @mention SOME of the…
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  • Reordering proof images for a row
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    We are trying to use the proof function to gather feedback on our UI. We are uploading a series of images showing a complete UI action. Is there a way to reorder the sequence of the images attached e.g. move the second image to the first p…
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  • Map proofing data with proof info columns is not available
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    Hello, I have an enterprise license and am the owner of the sheet. I want to map proofing data with proof info columns (per this article). I would like to do this so the team sees the proof status at a glance. I do not have the option &quo…
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  • Free Webinar: Collaborate on Content with Proofing
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    Join us January 27th for our webinar "Collaborate on Content with Proofing." On this webinar you will learn how your team can review and approve content with Smartsheet Proofing. We will be hosting 3 sessions across multiple time…
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  • SmartSheet Proofing links in MS Teams
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    Hi, I am trying to figure out a way to share links to proofs with approved editors in MS Teams. Right now, when I share links to a SmartSheet proof in MS Teams, the proof is view-only without the editing functionality. This is strange beca…
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  • Proofing - Packaging PDFs load without transparency
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    My team is using Smartsheet to proof a set of packaging. The files come from an external company so I don't know the exact method that they are using to create the PDFs. The files look fine when opened in Adobe Acrobat but lose the transpa…
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