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    You’ve achieved Smartsheet Synergizer status because you bring colleagues together in Smartsheet! Your contribution is critical to unlocking the potential of your organization’s solutions in Smartsheet.

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    This badge recognizes and celebrates Smartsheet Community members working in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry who are sharing solutions, questions, ideas, and best practices that enable their organizations to work better, at scale.

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  • MCorbin
    The Project Management Certification exam validates that candidates can create a Smartsheet solution to manage a project’s lifecycle. They have demonstrated the ability to use Smartsheet in the 5 phases of the project lifecycle as defined by PMI - Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing - including preparing, creating, and finalizing project plans, collaborating with core and extended teams, monitoring and reporting on project progress, and creating issue logs.

    To learn more about the Project Management Certification: Check out the link below:

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