Hi, how do I save data in a sheet to retain for a trend chart? I have a burndown sheet that I've built a line chart to display on a dashboard. I'm able to get the data, however, due to the Today() function, it will only pull the data on that day and as the day passes, it wipes the data. 

I've had to


I'm looking to put a formula together that will look at the values of one column and then grab the count in a corresponding and return the total value as they match.


I have a formula sheet that pulls in project phases and the number of risks by priority for each project. What I'm looking to



We have an order intake sheet that has an "Order Date" column and a Status Column. One of the ten selectable statues is "Complete"

What is the formula that I can use in a flag column to say - Flag any with an Order date 6 WEEKS OR GREATER, and Status NOT EQUAL to Complete? 

Thank you so much in


I have a formula in one of my sheets that looks out across multiple columns and populates the cell with all values present in the columns for that row. I simplified the column names to make it easier to read, but here is the formula:

=JOIN(COLLECT([[email protected]:[email protected], [email protected]:[email protected], <> ""),