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I commonly have task lists that are nested to an arbitrary number of levels. In card view, you can filter tasks to level 1, level 2, etc. This isn't very useful to me. I think it would be far more useful to have a filter "include summary tasks (or not)". Since my actual tasks are always on leaf


Hi, I'm seeking to round down a start date so it begins at the beginning of that day.  Within my project plan, there are a number of partial day tasks (0.25d, 0.50d) that influence the successors, resulting in "Start Dates" being midday.  I'd like to round down the start date so that a simple 1.0d


I'm trying to create a finish-to-finish dependency between two rows in a sheet so that the two rows share a finish date. However, when I add this dependency in, the finish date of the dependent task is pushing out months past the finish date of the predecessor.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is


Hi there!

I am trying to make a master reporting sheet that is just a sum of another source sheet based on specific criteria of parent and child rows. It's a two step SUMIFS that I can't seem to get straight. It would need to be a sum "grand total count", if hierarchy 0 month = specified month and



I've seen people post about this, but I haven't found a way to use it or if there has even been an enhancement added to Smartsheet.

I'd like to be able to use a formula to insert the Row Link to a cell, which I can then access via INDEX/MATCH on another sheet.

I have a list of projects that