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I have been using the Dashboard for some time, with various widgets. Today my graph widget show MISSING SOURCE. Yet when I go into edit mode, I see the data, and when I create a new one, and save it, I get the same code. I check others reports from other users, their graphs are working.. What has


I have a column set as Contact List and the Allow Multiple Contacts per Cell field is checked.  I am using COUNTIF statements to count how many people are assigned to the tasks for a dashboard. 

I am using the formula: =COUNTIF({Project List Range 3}, Assigned1)

Where Project List Range 3 is the


I have 140 or so projects I manage reporting on and was excited to see that we could now do multiple contacts in our Assigned To column. However, when adding new projects with this feature enabled I noticed that Reports count those columns as different than other Assigned To columns without this