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Production Scheduling and Extensive Reporting, Resource Management, Company Event Coordination, Sales Pipeline, IT / Facilities Issue Management, Credentials Management, File Sharing, Procurement, Customer Schedule Communication, Human Resource Planning, Timesheet Tracking, New Hire Coordination, Job Candidate Coordination, IT Checklists, IT Inventory, Credentials Management, Google Apps SSO, Vendor Equipment Coordination
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Sauber Mfg. Co. develops, manufacturers and distributes products for utilities.


It would be very helpful to have duration codes to have the duration snap to, say, “Finish next Thursday,” or “Start 5 Fridays from Finish.” These durations might look something like “F1Th” or “S5F”. Naturally, the “Start X Fridays from Finish” type of duration only applies to certain predecessors


We have a sheet containing sensitive data in several columns. We limit the visibility of this data by hiding the columns, so only Admin users on the sheet can unhide/view the data. However, any Smartsheet licensed user, including those with only Viewer privileges, can circumvent the sheet security


The Product Roadmap seems to be missing. Is it being redesigned, or has it been removed permanently? We would often make suggestions to specific features listed in the roadmap, and I think having certain user input into pre-release features is a better way than releasing it all at once on the