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Web Forms
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I use Smartsheet for just about everything from simple sheets for individual productivity to complex solutions that include 100's of sheets, templates and reports.
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If you think I might be able to address any problems you're facing, please reach out.

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: (512) 921-6093 (Feel free to text if you prefer)

Before becoming a Solution Consultant in 2012, I spent the majority of my career overcoming customer pain points as a Systems Engineer. Other roles I have held include Sales, Marketing Operations, Sales Operations, Training Coordinator and Channel Manager. This broad range of experience gives me unique insights and perspectives that are usually overlooked.

No matter the role, I have always built tools that are adopted by my peers to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Areas of Expertise:
Smartsheet: Administration, Advanced Solution Design, API, Formulas, Smartsheet Live Data Connector
Salesforce: Administrator, IDE Dev, Custom Objects, Formulas, AppExchange integrations, Workflow Rules
Google Apps: Administration, Integrations and Advanced User
Data Visualization: Tableau, ClicData, Qlik Sense, SAP Lumira
Microsoft: Windows Server 2008 & 2012R2 deployment and domain admin. Expert MS Office User (Formulas, VBA & O365)
Marketing: Eloqua, Kapost, Marketo, PowToon, StoryboardThat
VMware: VMware Certified Professional (VCP 4, 5), VMware Technical Sales Professional (VTSP)


The New Smartsheet Navigation Experience is GREAT!

The #1 feature I'm excited about is Browser Tabs and Direct Links. Being able to copy the URL straight from the browser. I spent a LOT of time as a champion and mentor explaining how to get the URL to share a specific sheet. I really believe this


I am attempting to automate the RYG balls using two different columns, the End Date and % Complete columns. The logic is as follows: 

1. If the end date is greater than today, the RYG ball = Green IF([End date]2 > TODAY(), "Green"

2. If the % complete is greater than .99, the RYG ball = Green IF([%


We're new to Smartsheet and our web and content team are going to have multiple tasks that are going to be repeated again and again. We're going to create a checklist of steps for each one, for example, steps for creating an e-book.  Since we're going to be creating lots and lots of e-books, should


I’m always interested to hear if someone else has figured out a better way to do something, so feedback is welcome and appreciated!  (:

Example Sheet: Hierarchy Formulas & Conditional Formatting

I like to use colors to help guide me through a sheet and I have settled on a process that works for me.