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I am working on a formula that will look at a few different cells and make a calculation.  I need the formula to look at 

ETA to Ready = [terminal ETA] + [# of days]

The [# of days] is determined by which [Terminal]  So I need the formula to look at the value in the [Terminal] column, then add the



I had a look but couldn't find the answer.

I am trying to do simple reports and formula Counts, but trying to ignore any duplicates.

Example below, I am only interested in counting the first time a name appears, so the count would equal 5 Names, ignoring where there is a second or third.



I have charts to show progress by week to date, month to date, and year to date. I reference another sheet to indicate the date range for each chart. Is there a way to automate my reference sheet so I don't have to change the dates manually?



I want to get the sum for only the dropdown value selected:

Here is the Situation:

First Column: I have 3 Resource Type:

1. Offshore

2. Onshore

3. Remote

Column 2: I have resource Name

Column 03 to 35  is a Hour Cloumn ( Where it shows how mnay hours each of my resource is available to work)