Hi! I love Smartsheet but I can't seem to find a way to do the following:

After a user submits a Smartsheet web form entry to populate my sheet with data, I'd like to embed a hyperlink into both (if possible) the response and email confirmation so that the user is directed to a web page on my site



I'm currently using a formula to INDEX my sheet and pick up the smallest date in a column, and then display the 4 smallest (or soonest) dates in that column to pull into my dashboard. The formula is as follows:

=INDEX([Project Name]:[Status], MATCH(SMALL([Next Milestone Date]:[Next Milestone


When dragging the email from my Outlook window to Smartsheet in Google Chrome it removes the file from my Outlook entirely and the email is gone.

I tested this in MS Edge and confirmed it does not happen when using Edge; the file copies and uploads to Smartsheet without deleting it from Outlook.


I have two columns of data showing prices, say $1,100 in one and $2,200 in another.  I want to display this as a range in a report as "Your price is $1,100 - $2,200".  I used this formula: 

"$" + $[Report Low Price]@row + " - $" + ($[Report High Price]@row

which returns "$1100 - $2200", how can i


Is there a workaround to allow colleagues to view and edit cell data(non licensed)and interact within reports created from a master data sheet, without having permission to view the master source sheet?

The report is created to only include columns and rows that do not contain sensitive or