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  • Template, building-bricks database
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    How do you guys work out building-bricks to pick from a template say, or a close example? (since we cannot copy/paste or transfer rows into another sheet without losing predecessor connections)
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  • Copy-Paste Rows WITH PREDECESSORS?
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    Hi, When I copy-paste rows that are related by predecessors, these connections are lost. Although I understand losing connections to rows that are not in the copy-paste panel, however it is a big time waste and error risk to have to re-c…
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  • Baseline Functionality
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I have played around with templates and looked through the help center but I have not been able to locate any information on showing planned vs actual timelines. Does Smartsheet have the ability to show a baseline or are there any workarou…
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  • Love the "Publish" tab on Reports!
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    One question - I don't see a way to keep the attachments/discussions private when sending via this new method, or am I missing it? I really like this new option that eliminates the need to share the page. Thanks, Smartsheet!
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  • How can I archive sheets that I no longer use?
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    My team has a bunch of sheets that we do not use but we might need to reference later. Whats the best method for archiving sheets we are not using so they do not clutter up our accounts or count towards our sheet count but with the ability…
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  • Alert for RYG's
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    One person is wanting to be notified when their RYG ball turns green, which means a document they are needing is complete. In the notifications, I can only choose for her to be notified when that column changes for anyone. Is there a f…
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    Closed 52 views 4 comments Most recent by Loann McGee Archived 2015 Posts
  • Love the "Freeze" pane option!
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    We just started using this option, as we have 71 columns in a particular sheet and scrolling back and forth was becoming quite cumbersome and inefficient. We put our three most important columns at the front of the sheet and the the freeze…
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  • Tips and Tricks for Copying Row to Another Sheet
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    We keep master list of everyone who calls our hotline and all of our outgoing calls.  Oftentime, other staff import a sheet of calls to be made, for whatever reason, there is overlap in the information but every one uses their own system. …
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    Closed 595 views 3 comments Most recent by Michele @ My School DC Archived 2015 Posts
  • Financial/Accounting needs to expand Smartsheet in our company
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I don't work in this realm at my job, but I know that another program (much more costly, I might add!) is being considered to meet our business services group needs. Though not exhaustive, I know they need a program that will allow for pro…
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    Closed 71 views 7 comments Most recent by chiosawe Archived 2015 Posts
  • Calendar Coding Possibility
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I am a project manager and assign items to various vendors. I am wondering if there is a way to have the vendors color coded in the calendar view, so that I could look at one calendar and know who has bandwidth? My workaround is to add inf…
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    Closed 11 views 7 comments Most recent by Stephanie Taylor Archived 2015 Posts