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  • New! Scatter charts
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    Hi Community, Hot off the press, I am excited to announce a new, highly requested, chart type is now available in dashboards: Scatter charts! A fan favorite originally introduced in Smartsheet labs, we are happy to finally make this availa…
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    360 views 2 comments Most recent by Sarah_Ko Product Announcements
  • Improved full screen mode, now available!
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    Hi Community,  In April, we introduced the new Smartsheet experience. While we’ve heard you love the addition of home and updated navigation, we also heard from you that the update takes up more space in sheets and reports, which was espec…
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    248 views 2 comments Most recent by Morgan Kozol Product Announcements
  • New! Create a chart from reports with grouping and summary
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    Hi Community, We just released an update to the chart widget in dashboards to enable charting from reports that have grouping and summary added. To create a chart from a report, create a chart widget or edit an existing widget, select “Add…
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  • New! Add real-time validation to fields on your form
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    Hi Community, We just enabled a forms enhancement that many of you have requested: field validation. You can now add real-time validation to Text/Number fields to help collect error-free numbers, percentages, email addresses, and phone num…
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    Accepted Answer 910 views 42 comments Most recent by Jeff Reisman Product Announcements