I believe this may be a bit of a stretch but I am wondering if it is possible to automatically create the Child/Parent relationship utilizing the numbers or periods in a WBS # column as a way to automatically create the indention.

I have built a pretty good process using Smartsheets data


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Trying to build 2 spreadsheets that need to communicate with each other at this level:

One of them (first) will have the raw material code, name, supplier, last date of testing, risk rating, test required, etc.

The other (second) spreadsheet will be a record of materials booked in.

Will it


We use Smartsheet in many wonderful ways but, in my opinion, the lack of a method to easily lock a cell with a date and/or time stamp is an open door for a competitors raid. A few years ago, I left Smartsheet because images could not be exported with line item details and there was no "key" to