Formula linking one column to another sheet; =IF(ISBLANK) function

Hi all!

I need some assistance in creating a formula that links a column in my first sheet (Health Records) to a formula that is in another sheet. In this second sheet I hope to use the =IF(BLANK) function to display whether these records are "Complete" or if left blank in sheet one, "Incomplete". I have tried using the following formulas but found no success.

=IF(ISBLANK([Health Records]), "Cell is blank", "Cell isn't blank")

=IF(ISBLANK([Health Records]), "", "Complete")

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    Hi @aaronvick40

    You will need an identifier in your second sheet which has the same value available in your first sheet. Assuming it is the full name of the person, you can use this formula (you will need to create a cross sheet reference in your formula, which is represented with the curly brackets in this example)

    =IF(INDEX({Health record column reference from first sheet}, MATCH([Full name column in second sheet]@row, {Full name column reference from first sheet}, 0)) <> "", "Complete", "Cell is blank")

    The formula will look at Health record in first sheet for the row which contains the same full name of the person from second sheet in first sheet. If the value is not blank, it will show Complete, if blank, it will display as Cell is blank.

    To create the references, be sure to click on the link shown ("Reference Another Sheet") as in the picture below in the Index part of the formula and the match range part of the formula.



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