Daily Automated Report


I am a dead beginner with SmartSheets and I am self taught thus far so explain to me like I've never seen a computer before :)

Our hospital holds daily huddles where each department reports out on questions specific to their unit (current paper form attached). I’ve created a sheet that includes all the questions to be answered in the columns and in the rows includes the units. I then created a form that includes logic to only show certain questions based on the chosen department. The idea is that each department leader would fill out the form daily and the data gets saved onto my sheet. This part seems to be working just fine except that the information starts to populate at line 54 but I’m not super concerned about that.

Where I am getting stuck is that I want to be able to generate a daily report to be placed on a dashboard that automatically updates and only provides data for that particular day while the sheet still maintains previous data to look back on.

Any thoughts?