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  • API Conditional Formatting
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    Hi -  It sure would be nice to have the ability to update conditional formatting via the API. I see a thread from 2016 - is this something that the dev team could look at?   Many Thanks, Sean  
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  • API CSV import to active SmartSheet
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    Hello, I have written a program that utilizes the API from smartsheets; for simplicity, it just takes data from a source and imports it to SmartSheets. Problem is, it can only import it on a new sheet, not an active sheet. I understand th…
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  • Datamesh
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    Good Afternoon Does anyone know how to use Datamesh??? I am having trouble getting it working, any tips???   thanks in advance  Michael 
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  • API.SmartSheet.Com
    In API & Developers
    I have an application that updates a SmartSheet using the available APIs.. The application uses the C# NuGet packages for Visual Studio (2017) The program has been working flawlessly for over 12months now but as of 1am last night (UK time…
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  • Smartsheet API Webhook options
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    Recently I created a nice working webhook with "scope" : "sheet" and "events" ["*.*"]. But I discovered that I only need the updates on a specific column. Unfortunately "scope": "colu…
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