Hi All,

I have a question regarding RSS feeds.  

Currently, I am utilizing Zapier to have a Google News RSS feed add new rows to a sheet.  Then I generate a report so that I can have widget in Sights with news from the past few days.  I've found that there could be hundreds of news articles a week, which will use up the 5000 row maximum within a few months.  

Are there any suggestions on how I can overcome this issue?  It doesn't look like there's a way to automatically delete rows after it reaches a certain age. 

I thought about doing Zapier -> Google Sheet -> Smartsheet since a Google Sheet can have 400,000 rows, but it still doesn't solve the 5000 row maximum in Smartsheet since there isn't a zap to delete or replace rows in Smartsheet. 

Another method would be manually deleting rows once a month to get around the 5000 max cap.  This would be pretty time intensive though since I have about 20-30 sheets that would need to undergo this maintenance. 

Would appreciate any workarounds or feedback!  Thank you for your time. 


How many rows are of interest?

You mention "past few days". Do you care about history? Archiving?

If the system allowed X rows and after that would delete the oldest one each time a new one was added, what would X be?

You also said you have 20-30 sheets that would need such maintenance. Does that imply you have 20-30 Zaps already in use?

If the solution involved Zapier, you would double the number of Zaps in use now. Do you have that many available?



Hi Craig, 

Thank you for your response.  The history is not important.  The RSS is intended to just see the current news over a few days.  So far, I've found that one day of google news articles yields about 50-100 rows.  Ideally, a great solution would be being able to automatically deleting rows once they reach a certain age (i.e. older than one week). 

I've only tested Zapier for one sheet so far.  Eventually, I would have 20-30 since each sheet corresponds to a company that I'm following on Google News RSS.  The number of zaps shouldn't be an issue I have a premium account.  Is there a zap for deleting Smartsheet rows?  

Thank you for your time. 

Zapier does not have a delete row action. This is likely due to the chance for getting into a loop of trigger-action when using the Updated Row trigger (deletion will trigger all rows below it has changed).

Your best bet is likely the API.