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  • Order value based on price breaks
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    Hi,   I have ~30 products each with four price breaks and I need to determine the value for each order (a single product type is listed per row) based on the ordered quantity and its associated price break.   The really clunky method I…
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  • Collaborator access by row
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    We are using Smartsheet as an opportunity tracking tool.  I would like to give partners outside of our company access to only certain rows in the sheet.  The update request functions works really well, but that's only for one update at a t…
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  • Day of the week formulas
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    How do I schedule repeating appointments on a specific day of the week; Ex: Every Mon at 10:00 First Tue of the Month at 09:00 I did not see the day of the week variable or formula. Thanks Alan Guggenheim
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  • Formula To Ignore Zeros In Averages?
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    I have columns running left to right with the 12 months listed as the main header of each. I want to have a column on the far right that shows our average month's sales based on each months totals we go. RIght now it is May, but the simple…
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  • Misaligned column headers
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    How do i realign columns and columnn headers in a large sheet?  They appear progressively more staggered across the page.  Here is a shot of the page about half way across,    Very confusing!   Thanks,  Ray.  
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  • Tracking stage changes in a sales pipeline
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    I am looking at Smartsheet for a potential CRM application. The primary use cases are Manage Contacts and Track Opportunities. In the latter use case, a user has asked to report on durations between opportunity stage changes. Has anyone fi…
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  • AIA Forms
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    We use an AIA form process for the pay applications in our industry. I am wondering if anyone else has been able to implement an AIA form in a sheet?
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  • Creation of a Sales Order form with links to costing in another sheet
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    I routinely need to build quotes for clients, and there are a couple of issues: 1. Costs related to level of buy-in 2. There are parts families (not all parts are compatible)   It would be great to be able to build a quote through drop…
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  • Active Reports
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    Has anyone out there been able to achieve this?   What I would call an Active Report is as follows. A visually formatted report page that is interactive with a master sheet. The report sheet would be formatted to display a ascetically p…
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  • Creating and attaching PDF's on Android to form
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    What app's are mobile smartsheet users using to create multipage PDF files to attach to a smartsheet form?     We are trying to utilize a webform for our sales team to upload a paper executed contract as an attachment using their android…
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